The woman whose overwhelming personality
made me a glowing entity,
her sweeping beauty like daffodils
cause the quivering of mountains and hills.

Tell my magnificent mother
the woman whose potentials flung Father farther.

Tell her who is beyond measure beautiful
but never forgot to be fruitful.

Tell the rose who lived in terror
now as emperor called conqueror.

Tell her it’s her seed
the one she bred.

Tell her that the pikin she carried on her hip
now life kiss with blessings in heap.

Tell her that the flesh of her flesh
is now an overflowing beauty,fresh.

Tell her that her passion and determination
to see me reach my destination
can not be crippled by temptation.

Tell her that the seed
she bore would command generations
and provide solutions
to cause revolution
that would lead to regeneration.

Tell my mother
tell the owner of the breast
I sucked as a toddler
that am not a murderer,
tell her I will order orders
to murder murderers.


Tell her I choose the noble profession
in humble imperfection
to perfect the imperfection.

But don’t forget to tell mother
that sometimes it becomes tougher
and am caused to wander as I ponder.

Yes! tell her that those wise words
in sinking sand
help me stand.

Tell her that her quite prayers
rescued me from disasters.

Tell her sacrifices
now suffices.

Tell the woman who carried me on her waists
that I won’t be waste.

Tell I have the friends she pray
and not the ones that prey.

Tell her that even though we feed on grains
we would dine on sausages soon.

Of all tell her I love her
tell her that God would reward her
tell her I love my father
remind her of our bond.
Lastly tell her no matter how tough it gets
I will make it to the end.

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